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Professionally Cannabis & Psychedelics

Jun 17, 2019

This week's episode covers the story of Clever Leaves, one of the largest cannabis production facilities in Colombia.

We hear from their CEO, Andrés, about the process of building a company to export medical cannabis out of Latin America and also about the special 'mojo' that defines his team's values.

Jun 10, 2019

Ever tried Cannabis Beer? Neither have we - yet. We dialed into Dooma Wendschuh of Province Brands to hear about their unique brewing process, what their cannabis beer is like, and when we can expect to see these beverages stocked next to the Buds. 

NOTE: Forgive the relatively infrequent background noise - we think the...

Jun 3, 2019

This week we talk to Andrew Grieve charting his rise as an operator; from a distressed cheese manufacturing facility in Iowa to his role as CEO of the 650 people strong team at Zenabis (TSE: ZENA).